Kwai Chung Wang Tat Industrial Centre For sell GFA 69,421 [Full Floor of Building A] 347 million [Kwai Hing] Hongda Industrial Centre 69,421 sq.ft. Sale 340 million / @ 5000 Nothing in the middle│Load 250lbs│Floor 14’1 #本頁所載資訊僅供一般參考 #The infor

#本頁所載資訊僅供一般參考 #The information contained or mentioned overhere is for general reference only #應以現場視察量度呎數為準 #Should be based on on-site inspection measurement feet #市場瞬息萬變經紀回覆作實 #The market is changing rapidly thus should according to Agent's reply and final answer.

Date Created: December 18, 2019
Last Updated: March 7, 2020